Team coaching


Team coaching

You have a team of executives or specialists and things don’t always go well in the team. You can get more pleasure out of working together and, even better results. What heights can your team reach when the team spirit is improved more sustainably? With our Team coaching programme, you can upgrade the collaboration and the results of your leading professionals.

Our team coaching programme is especially well-suited for you as a manager if you experience the following things:

  • You don’t sufficiently achieve the set (common) goals
  • Your team isn’t connected enough, people often do their own thing
  • Your team speaks of a (too) high workload
  • You are often the one who must pull the (joint) cart
  • There is some hassle and rumbling within the team
  • Within your team, you could appreciate each other more and give more feedback
  • You miss fun in the team

During the Authentic Leadership Team coaching programme, everyone will discover what will be possible with more collaboration.

What would be possible if you and your team:

  • All have the same goals in mind?
  • Support and motivate each other to achieve goals?
  • Feel co-responsible for the success of all the teams in the organisation?
  • Give each other feedback and compliments in a positive way?

The result of the Team coaching programme? More cooperation and more fulfilment in your work for you and your colleagues. And better results for the organisation.

Yes, I want this too!

More motivation, successful change,
better results. Also for your team.

What you will achieve because of the Team coaching programme

Not just your team of leaders and specialists but also you as a manager will reach new heights after the Team coaching programme by Authentic Leadership.

The results after the Authentic Leadership Team coaching programme for your team

  • Your team dares to step out of their comfort zone and will immediately realise what they can achieve
  • Your team experiences more fulfilment at work and feels more appreciation for each other
  • Your team members will work together to achieve goals
  • Team members will invest more in themselves and feel more responsible for the growth of others
  • Mutual trust, problem-solving skills and self-confidence will grow exponentially
  • Your team will be more motivated, future-oriented and will achieve their maximum potential
  • Everyone lives the jointly chosen mission
  • Team leaders give each other feedback with the intention to help

The result of the Team coaching with Impact programme by Authentic Leadership for you as a manager

  • You feel prouder of your team
  • You are managing with more positivity
  • You are appreciated more by your team members
  • You increase your impact within the organisation
  • Your team and you as a manager become a role model
  • You won’t be distracted from your vision by adverse events any longer
  • You experience motivation, collaboration, communication and celebration of successes with the entire team

What has this programme done for others:

“The only program I have experienced that has actually set change in motion. You go to the core, that’s why the change happens. The content and depth of the programme is really beautiful.” – Peter “The insights of Authentic Leadership helped me and my team tremendously to get to know each other better and to be able to build on each other.”


“Working with the AL advisors ensures that we as a management team know each other better, support each other and keep each other sharper, work better together and ultimately are a stronger team of authentic leaders.”

Roelof Meijer – CEO SIDN

This is how Team coaching works

Together we will work on improving the cooperation and the potential of your team, using positivity and depth. We won’t dig into what is going wrong – we want to explore what potential simply hasn’t been unleashed yet.

Armed with years of experience and a proven vision and philosophy by Bas Blekkingh, the advisers from Authentic Leadership will work with you on the team coaching programme. We will guide you and the team from start to finish to unleash the highest possible potential of the individuals and the team. Together with your personal adviser from Authentic Leadership, you will learn to understand the effective and non-effective individual and team patterns.

But most importantly how to harness these patterns to contribute positively to the happiness and success of the people and organisation!

The Team coaching programme by Authentic Leadership consists of several steps, which are outlined below. The total programme is highly effective, but it’s of course possible that the investment in the entire programme is not fully feasible for you. In those case, we also offer a shorter programme that suits your needs and budget.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of the Team coaching programme for your team? Please get in touch with us.


The seven steps of the Team coaching programme

During the intake, your Authentic Leadership adviser will come up with a tailormade team- coaching programme including the needs of you and your team.

We will also give you information on how to explain to your team what you will be doing during the program, and what it will bring them. Finally, in preparation, each team member will complete our Ego Scan questionnaire online.

Your teambuilding adviser holds individual conversations with each team member and finally with you as manager. These conversations are confidential and for inventory purposes. What is going well, and what can be improved in the team? But also how each individual team member is doing. This way the adviser knows what is going on, and everyone feels heard.

The Ego Scan will be discussed, and it will become clear what position everyone has in the team. We will discuss the overall findings and create the definitive programme.

A teamsession by Authentic Leadership takes 1 to 2 days and is with the entire team. We create a safe setting with a positive intention where we commit as a group to work towards the goals of the teambuilding programme. We discuss the potential and strength of each individual and the entire team. What is the mission of each team member? What Ego types are present in the team, and what can these mean for the success of the team and the organisation?

Parts of the session are with the entire group, and some are in smaller groups. We give each other feedforward (future-oriented feedback) to support each other in taking the desired steps. We define actions and assign buddies to help each other to take these actions.

The session concludes with clear agreements and tools to put the things we’ve learned into practice. Our experience? That is that the teambuilding sessions create much positive energy to make the entire programme a great success!

After an agreed period, we meet each individual. We will look back at the insights and actions. We ask each team member about their experience and how things have been going since the teambuilding session. We also take note of what each individual still needs to achieve the agreed-upon goals and actions.

The programme hasn’t finished yet! Our Authentic Leadership advisers want to see how the learned material is implemented. We do this through transfer coaching: transferring the insighs into practice during an actual team meeting. We observe and give immediate feedback on what goes well and what can be improved. This keeps the team focused on their goals and results.

Celebrating successes is an essential part of the programme. During this team session, which takes about half to a full day, we will evaluate which successes have been achieved already and where steps can still be taken. The achievements of the team and each individual get mapped out by defining success formulas. This formula is a powerful tool that can be used to celebrate successes as a team and to maintain and build on them.

Half a year after finishing the Team coaching programme, a follow-up session will take place with the team. During this session, your team will confirm that all the learnings are still being used. This is also the moment to refresh things that might have faded into the background. A possible result of this is to start peer coaching using the intervision method of Authentic Leadership.

Are you ready for a team that works positively and works together to achieve goals?
Then, get in contact with us!

The people behind Authentic Leadership

The Authentic Leadership method is characterised by a no-nonsense approach.

Our mission? Making you even more high performing and fulfilled. By taking control of your life.

The methodology behind this training is applicable at home and in the workplace. We believe in the snowball effect on the people in your environment. We have seen this happening for years and it makes us very happy too.

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    Enter your details below if you want to contact us about Team Coaching. If you prefer to speak to us directly about this, please call 035 621 9799.

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