About us

About us

Who we are? A group of passionate people who have earned their spurs in organizations and have chosen from their hearts to support others in their growth. We do this based on our own profound and practical philosophy, which is described in the bestseller ‘Authentic Leadership’.

The Authentic Leadership team consists of 14 advisors. We are happy to work with you to support you in your ambitions and development.

The Authentic Leadership philosophy was developed by Bas Blekkingh. Here you will learn more about this philosophy, the 7 shells model, Mission and Egos.

You are a successful leader. You have many final responsibilities and have enjoyed your job for many years. But you feel that there is more to be gained from your work.

“More motivation, successful change,
better results. Also in your organisation.”

The people behind Authentic Leadership

The Authentic Leadership method is characterised by a no-nonsense approach.

Our mission? Making you even more high performing and fulfilled. By taking control of your life.

The methodology behind this training is applicable at home and in the workplace. We believe in the snowball effect on the people in your environment. We have seen this happening for years and it makes us very happy too.