Burnout Coaching

Burnout Coaching

Burnout coach: You haven’t been feeling quite yourself lately. Maybe you have already dropped out or feel this could happen at any moment. You didn’t expected this to happen to you, and wonder how long it will last: burnout symptoms. How do you recognise these?

  • Your energy is low, but trying to relax doesn’t work
  • You feel stuck by feelings of shame or failure
  • You’ve lost the connection between what YOU need and want. Because of this, you’re leaping ahead, both privately and in business.
  • You set yourself too high standards
  • You don’t spend enough time on activities that give you energy
  • You want the right support to become fit again and get back to work as quickly as possible

Your biggest wish is to become your confident self as soon as possible. You also realise that you should take this moment to examine how things could come this far and what makes you truly happy. After all, you don’t want to end up in this situation again.

What you will achieve because of Burnout Coaching

We notice that many people with burnout complaints spend a long time looking for the right support. Often, the support you need is scattered across different caretakers and/or coaches, who focus their treatment on only one or a few factors that caused and maintain your burnout. As a result, the chance of a relapse is high and you may not feel good about yourself for years. This is a waste of your time, energy and money – and a missed opportunity.

Authentic Leadership has developed a unique, integral programme, which is continuously tuned to your changing needs during the recovery and development process. You will experience faster and sustainable results.

Results of Burnout Coaching

  • You recover well and faster from your burnout symptoms
  • You recognise and acknowledge your energy balance and limits and can guard them well
  • You gain insight into how your complaints have arisen and what role personal and environmental factors have played.
  • You gain insight into the Ego dynamics (positioning strategies) that you and others use, how you can use these consciously, and how to prevent your Ego’s from taking over unconsciously.
  • You know your own deepest motives. You know what type of impact you want to make and how you can make this impact with your unique qualities.
  • You have clearly grown in self-reflection and self-confidence.

More insight.
More self-confidence.
More balance.

What our customers say

“Nienke is a very nice coach and incredibly pleasant to talk and spar with. She has a good ’emotional radar’ and sensed exactly how I was feeling and whether I was struggling with something. She then managed to use good and targeted questions to help me formulate the problem and the solution. Nienke’s help has been extremely valuable to my recovery, and I have really gotten to know myself better.”

Daan Asser, Attorney at Law, DLA Piper

“Climbing back up from the black hole is difficult on your own. From moment one I felt familiar with Nienke and I was able to open up and I knew, I am not alone. Now the feeling is back and the energy is flowing through my body again. Thank you, Nienke!”

45 year old Finance manager, Tech company

“In a 5 for 12 situation I started a coaching program with Nienke. I was getting stuck at work, which also caused me to get stuck personally. Nienke put me at ease, held up a mirror and took me out of my comfort zone. Looking back, the program brought me more than I had initially hoped for. I got to know and appreciate myself (again), I can feel what is important to me and I have learned ways to deal with stressful situations. Nienke, thank you so much for everything!”

40 year old Senior Policy Officer of a government agency

I often ran into periods of considerable stress and felt no space to make my own choices and had the feeling of being lived. During the coaching I worked on getting back in touch with my feelings, setting boundaries and allowing emotions to come through. Nienke helped me with this awareness and gave me tools to work with it. I feel space again to choose for myself and when I have to stop myself. I am very grateful to Nienke for that!

25 year old master’s student in clinical psychology

This is how Coaching for Burnout complaints works

First, we check whether Authentic Leadership is the right fit for you. During a no-obligation telephone call, we explore your needs, explain our approach and suggest a coach.

Once you’re convinced this will help you, we have a personal intake. We will explore and accurately define your coaching goal(s) and create a customised programme.

We know that people with burnout symptoms are often cognitively overloaded, not enough in touch with their feelings and/or have difficulty expressing these. They have drifted too far from their motives in life, causing them to feel less happy and successful. In the Coaching for Burnout complaints programme you follow five steps: from regaining your energy to making a future-oriented impact based on your own motives.


The five steps of Coaching With Burnout

At first, the programme will focus on recovering your energy balance and learning how to listen to your body’s signals (once again). With the coach, you will map out your current load and how you can gain balance to fix this as quickly as possible.

You will research with the coach to find out what will relax you. This can be a massage for one while for somebody else, it’s exercise. We will also look at your sleeping and eating patterns and, if needed, advise you on how to improve these. The workload will be scaled back so that there’s more space for recovery. This will be done by also consulting your occupational physician or general practitioner.

You will work independently and with your coach to increase your load capacity. You develop insight into what gives you energy and what costs you energy. You learn how you can become fitter in a relaxed way. Your head will unwind, and the connection with your body and your emotions will be recovered. You recognise and acknowledge the importance of the signals of your body. You’ll learn to feel again, to name certain emotions and to express these in a safe setting.

Your load capacity has increased, and you notice how you’re starting to function better once again. You complete our Ego Scan, and develop insight into your positioning strategies. Thanks to the book Authentic Leadership you develop insight into your selective perception, your motives, restrictive and stimulating norms. You also learn how these factors play a role in and have played a role in your burnout symptoms. These insights are crucial for recognising patterns and will help you prevent future relapse.

Meanwhile, we monitor your energy balance. You experience that you can do more and increase your load, but may still feel vulnerable. We practice recognising and acknowledging limits and how to guard these.

The coach will interview sparring partners in your familiar environment to get a picture. What are your strengths? Which things make you happy and fulfilled? What development do they wish you? This picture deepens your insight and can help you recognise and acknowledge patterns even quicker and where necessary, to break through. You’ll investigate your deepest motives and personal mission, helped by the feedback from your environment. Now, you’re getting challenged to use everything you’ve learned in practice and to play with your boundaries.

You now know your deepest motives and have learned to act on those in different environments. You know your own Ego patterns, know when they help or restrict you, and you practise how to deal with them consciously. You dare to step out of your comfort zone. Your self-awareness and self-confidence have grown enormously, and you are able to monitor your own health in the future. You know what impact you want to make and what you need to do to become happier and more successful, both professionally and privately.

The philosophy behind Burnout Coaching

We believe burnout complaints are an important signal and offer a great opportunity to grow in personal leadership. As a result you will experience greater happiness and success.

Recovering from burnout doesn’t have to take long, if you know which factors to focus on and learn how to influence them. Authentic Leadership Coaching for Burnout complaints is an impactful and effective way to recover ánd grow as a person. And you’ll reap the benefits of that for the rest of your business and personal life.

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The face behind Burnout Coaching

The Authentic Leadership method is characterised by a no-nonsense approach

The mission of your coach Nienke Den Os? By making real contact, letting people grow in self-knowledge and self-confidence, enabling them to free their own potential. In her coaching, she applies her knowledge and experience as a physiotherapist, haptonomist and lifestyle coach.

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