Individual Coaching


Individual Coaching 

You are an executive, a manager or professional and want to work on your personal effectiveness. You feel you can offer more than what you’re currently doing. You wonder if you’re on the right track and experience enough happiness, fulfilment and pleasure with what you’re doing. You may feel like you’re standing at a crossroads of decisions. In those cases, think about some personal development coach.

Our Individual Coaching is especially suitable when you’re experiencing the following:

  • You don’t always have the impact on the environment as envisioned
  • Your workload is (too) high, you don’t get to do the important things
  • You want to find out what you really want, what drives you and focus more on that
  • You want to work on some clumsy behaviour that you sometimes exhibit
  • You’re starting in a new position and wonder: what will be asked of me? You ‘d like somebody to talk to about this
  • You need a bit of pushback, an honest conversation with somebody outside of the organisation (without feeling any pressure on what you can and cannot say)

During the Authentic Leadership Individual coaching programme, you will get to understand how you can improve your effectivity and fulfilment at work. You can also use this in your private life and become happier and more successful there as well.

The result?  More fulfilment and increased effectiveness for you, with better results for your environment, your team and your organisation.




Individual Coaching: online of or at our office

The Individual Coaching can be done live at our office, but you can also choose for having the coaching sessions online. Obviously, a hybrid form of coaching is also possible.

Yes, I want this!

What you’ll achieve because of the Individual Coaching Programme

It won’t just be you who will be elevated to new heights after the coaching programme with Authentic Leadership. Your environment will also benefit from your coaching.

The results after the Individual Coaching Programme by Authentic Leadership for your environment:

  • Your environment experiences you as more effective, which also influences their own performance positively
  • Your environment experiences better collaboration with you
  • Your environment notices how you are more self-confident and have more fun
  • Your environment will be inspired by you to grow as well and make more impact

The results after the Individual Coaching Programme by Authentic Leadership for you:

  • You’ve gained more self-confidence
  • You know your own mission, Egos and core values and know how to use them
  • You know that you have stimulating and restrictive patterns and how to deal with them
  • You are more conscious of your behaviour and will act more consciously because of this
  • You’ve learned methods and tools to better deal with future issues
  • You will have more impact on the people around you, both privately and in business

“More fulfilment,
more effectiveness,
better results. Also for you”

This is how the Individual Coaching Programme works

With positivity and depth, we will explore all aspects of your coaching question. We won’t dig into what is wrong. Together, we will discover your hidden potential and unleash it.

Armed with years of experience and the proven vision and philosophy of Bas Blekkingh, the advisers from Authentic Leadership will work with you during an individual coaching programme. We will guide you from start to end to unleash your highest possible potential.

Coaching programmes are possible in our office. However, if this is not possible due to distance or other circumstances, you can also choose to be coached online in your own environment. A hybrid form of coaching is also possible where we combine live conversations with video calls. Choose what’s convenient for you.

With your personal adviser from Authentic Leadership, you will get to the bottom of your effective and ineffective patterns. But especially, how can you utilise these patterns to contribute more positively. A positive contribution to the happiness and success of people and the organisation!

What our clients say

“The one-on-one meetings with my AL advisor are always open, energetic, exploratory and inspiring, never wooly, and they help me in confronting dilemmas and keeping an open mind in solving them.”

Roelof Meijer – CEO SIDN


The 5 Steps of the Individual Coaching Programme

During a short intake by phone, we will check if we can help you, introduce you to a coach and give you information on how the individual coaching programme will look like. We’ll discuss whether the coaching will be live, online or hybrid. We will provide you with a short questionnaire as preparation if you choose to go ahead with the first session.

During the first session, we will define your coaching goal which we will work on together. We will go through the questionnaire. By the end of this meeting, you can decide whether you want to continue, this first meeting is no cure no pay.

Will you continue the coaching? Then, we will discuss which sparring partners we will interview for a 360 degrees feedback. You will also get the book Authentic Leadership and gain access to the E-learning environment called Authentic Impact.

You will fill in the questionnaire for the Ego Scan. The Ego Scan gives a very clear picture of the positioning techniques you use. These Egos can increase your personal effectiveness but, sadly, also hinder you. Your allergies will also be mapped out: situations where you might react fiercely and ineffective. (see Ego Scan).

Your coach will talk to 3 to 4 sparring partners over the phone. This can be a manager, a colleague, somebody from your team, a family member or a friend. They will be asked what they see as your talents, passion and potential to grow.

After the intake, there will be an average of 4 monthly coaching conversations. During these sessions, we will focus on your personal effectiveness and solve your coaching question. You will get the input we’ve gained from the sparring partners and the results of your Ego Scan. You will complete your coaching goal. Besides this as a direct result, we will give you tools to solve possible future issues. The individual coaching will be of value for many years ahead.

Your manager and sparring partners may be approached to monitor the progress during the coaching. However, this will only be done if you have consented to this. If your manager was the person who made you follow the programme, there is going to be at least an evaluation at the end. Confidentiality is key, naturally. We will not report back to your manager, you will do the evaluation yourself.

Six months after the last coaching conversation, we will have a final session to ensure that the development you’ve gone through, your personal effectiveness and job fulfilment are sustainable. What is going well, and what future steps can you take?

Individual coaching

Are you ready for individual coaching and to increase your potential positively by coaching on location, online or a combination of the two? Then, please get in contact with us!

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The people behind Authentic Leadership

The Authentic Leadership method is characterised by a no-nonsense approach.

Our mission? Making you even more high performing and fulfilled. By taking control of your life.

The methodology behind this training is applicable at home and in the workplace. We believe in the snowball effect on the people in your environment. We have seen this happening for years and it makes us very happy too.

Coaching or sparring?

Are you looking for someone to spar with? We distinguish between coaching and sparring. With coaching, we work with a coaching question and goal in mind. With sparring, there is no coaching goal, but you just wish to talk to somebody outside your organisation about various topics.

It is nice to get some regular ‘me time’ to talk about cases without a specific goal in mind. Do you want to talk about current topics in your organisation with a professional, who knows what you are talking about? Then choose for sparring sessions with a coach from Authentic Leadership.

More about sparring sessions

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