Personal Leadership training online

Do you recognise these feelings?

  • You find it too important what others think of you. Because of this, you start to miss opportunities, both privately and in business.
  • You often feel insecure, and sometimes you feel like you don’t matter
  • You often experience a high workload 
  • You feel like you don’t spend enough time on things that make you feel fulfilled

If you recognise any of these points, the Personal leadership Training Online might be precisely what you need. In the Personal Leadership Training Online, Bas Blekkingh will walk you through a proven, successful and practical method to ensure you will get the most out of yourself. Wherever and whenever it suits you.

Personal Leadership Training Online

Increase your Authentic Impact

52 modules
2.5 hours of video material
8 hours of time investment
2 years access
Ego Scan (light) + Ebook free

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What you will achieve because of the Personal Leadership Training Online?

This is how the Personal Leadership Training Online works

The Personal Leadership Training Online is a fun combination of motivating videos and exercises you can do yourself or with others (if you sign up with them). You will also get several quizzes, tests and exercises on what you’ve previously learned. It’s wise to allocate a few weeks for the training so you can put the things you’ve learned into practice regularly. The training consists of more than 2.5 hours of video material. Taking the assignments seriously can take you up to a day in total. If you buy the training, you immediately gain access to the online learning environment. You get access to the training for two years. After finishing the training, you will get a certificate.


“The training helps for both your work life and your private life. I have learned that I no longer have to live up to all the expectations that I think others have of me. I have become myself again. I accept the circumstances that determine my life and am happy with what I can do for others.”



“It’s a practical structure, but with lots of psychology and understanding behaviours. Very helpful for understanding yourself better and also how to engage with others I found it relatable to real-world experiences and therefore easier to remember. Bas is very engaging and (perhaps unsurprisingly!) authentic and I quite enjoyed the videos! Overall, it’s certainly one of the better management trainings I’ve had, especially given its €195 per person.”



“I think authenticity is an important value in my life and I want to live by it, this was my motivation to follow the training (privately). My experience of the training is: short and powerful, very clear and educational. The training is sometimes also delivered in a very funny way. It is a nice training to follow that is actually suitable for everyone.”


The coach Bas Blekkingh

I am the founder of the 20-person organisation Authentic Leadership and the author of the book Authentic Leadership of which 45,000 copies have been sold and the revised edition was released in 2013. Every day I coach organisations, teams and individuals, drawing on 27 years of developments in the field of leadership. I teach ‘Authentic Leadership’ as a part-time lecturer at Nyenrode University, the Governance Academy and the Young Ladies Business Academy.

I received my training at the Royal Military Academy, where I had the opportunity to train managers as an officer within the Army. Here it became clear to me what impact good and bad leadership has. In 1993 I switched to the business world and in 1996 I started my own company. My mission? Increasing the Authentic Impact of people, making the world a better place.

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