Successful Organisation Development

Organisational Development

Your organisation is on the eve of a cultural change. This change can have multiple reasons. But how do you make sure this change will be a success? How do you ensure that the entire organisation, from managers to employees, will enthusiastically go with this organisation development? With the Organisational Development programme by Authentic Leadership, your organisation will go through this change the way you envisioned it.

You should go for the Organisational Development programme when:

  • You want your organisation to develop quicker in the envisioned direction
  • A reorganisation of part or the entire company has happened or will happen
  • A merger of two companies or units has happened or will happen
  • A change in strategy or mission of the organisation is deemed necessary
  • Internal change programmes are happening where the focus has been put into a new method of working (like a digitalisation programme)

With years of experience and a proven record, the organisation specialists of Authentic Leadership will be able to realise a durable and successful change of behaviour within your organisation.

Everything depends on the preparation and mindset of the leaders of your organisation. Successful and constant organisational development will be the logical outcome when the necessity, motivation, and commitment are present.

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“More motivation, successful change,
better results. Also, in your organisation.”

What you will achieve because of Organisational Development

When you choose our Organisational Development programme, you ensure constant development in your organisation by your managers and leaders. Within a few months, you’ll experience that the company and the employees are constantly innovating and improving themselves. A new pattern of behaviour arises, progress will become measurable, and your employees will realise the usefulness of the changes. Because original restrictive patterns have been identified, your employees will not relapse into previous behaviour. Instead, they will approach each other more often and give each other feedback.

Most people, whatever their position in the organisation, react through fear (trying to overcome something) and creation (to desire something). Fear will give a short-term output and is quickly realised (the same old familiar things). However, creation provides long term result and growth – but it takes longer and requires much more effort. You can put your employees into creation mode with the Organisational Development programme.

Authentic Leadership will put your organisation into creation mode!


The results of Organisational Development by Authentic Leadership

  • The organisation will develop itself systematically and quicker into the desired direction
  • The commitment of employees is increased, and the desired behaviour is inhibited
  • The mission of the organisation becomes more apparent and is aimed at daily
  • Restrictive behavioural patterns have been talked about and are being addressed
  • Mutual trust and commitment have increased
  • The problem-solving skills of people have improved
  • Preferred behaviour has been included in the standard HR tools (assessment criteria, et cetera)

The only measurable journey I have come across where leaders do continue to hold each other accountable.

What has this programme done for others

“Authentic Leadership has implemented a very successful and practical culture programme throughout the whole organization of VGZ. We still recognize the impact of the programme, years later, in analysis, approach and communication. In other words, the impact is sustainable. The AL team offered a tailormade programme fit to VGZ. More importantly, they implemented this as programme with a ‘train the trainer’ principle. This makes it possible for us to keep the philosophy and approach alive ourselves and repeat, refresh and onboard new people in the organization.”

Marjo Vissers – CEO VGZ

“Authentic Leadership has supported our organization to develop behaviour that contributes to strengthening our culture in proactivity, taking responsibility and giving each other feedback. With a lot of enthusiasm, fun and good insights we have lived through the programme with the AL advisers with as a result, real change and growth.”

Evelyn Borgsteijn – Director Marketing Oost

This is how the Organisational Development programme works

We will get to the core of the problem together with you and your team of leaders. With our experience, we know how to create a safe setting to do this in. We inspire and think in possibilities and solutions. Our proven method consists of tools that measure the programme’s results.

The first change of behaviour within the organisation can already be noticed after the first step of the programme. Inspiring (example) behaviour by the leadership can be seen within the first three months after starting the programme.

Every organisation is unique. That is why our approach is tailored to you. However, our methods have a common thread, ensuring that the participants have a clear grip on the programme.


The six steps of Organisational Development

To kick off the programme, an inspiring session for management is organised. During this session, we will bring up patterns of fear-driven and creation-driven behaviour. A sense of connectedness and enthusiasm is created for the Organisational Development programme of your organisation.

Subsequently, a  session is organised with a cross-section of employees who provide constructive and critical feedback related to what restricts and inspires them. This creates more commitment to the upcoming cultural change. We will also investigate which things the employees need right away. This is often a constructive and personal dialogue with management. This session can also result in more specific personal (authentic) leadership workshops.

After the kick-off phase, a top-down rollout will happen for every team or group of leaders.

During individual intakes, hidden potential (creation) and barriers (fears) will arise. These intakes aim to map out where the chances of growth lie for each individual, the team and the organisation.

Having completed the individual intakes we will work with the entire team. During the first team session:

  • The unleashed potential will be connected
  • We’ll create clear solutions for the barriers
  • Everybody will learn about the core of the Organisational Development programme and the philosophy of Authentic Leadership

The goal of this step is to get people to help each other to show the preferred behavioural changes.

During the transfer coaching phase, the outcomes of the first team session will be put into practice by attending regular team meetings as well as individual coaching.

This phase aims to create a higher impact of the learnings and to put the preferred behaviour into practice.

During a second team session, we secure the steps we’ve made already and create a snowball effect. The goal is to get the entire team to inhibit the preferred behaviour towards their own teams and to the entire organisation. By doing this, the preferred organisation culture becomes even more visible.

Improving organisation culture will never stop. This can and should be facilitated by the organisation. Internal facilitators will take over the role of the advisers of Authentic Leadership and continue to guide the further roll-out of the programme. By doing this, we further secure the results of this programme.

Using our methods, the engagement scores of your organisation will improve, and so will the effectiveness. This will be noticeable from the measurements and results.

The people behind Authentic Leadership

The Authentic Leadership method is characterised by a no-nonsense approach.

Our mission? Making you even more high performing and fulfilled. By taking control of your life.

The methodology behind this training is applicable at home and in the workplace. We believe in the snowball effect on the people in your environment. We have seen this happening for years and it makes us very happy too.

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    Contact about Successful Organisation Development

    Enter your details below if you want to contact us about Organizational Development. If you prefer to speak to us directly about this, please call 035 621 9799.

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