Leadership Journey

Leadership Journey

How authentic are you? We welcome you to discover this together with us. During the Leadership journey, we’ll travel the wilderness to get closer to yourself. Do you recognise this?

  • You feel a barrier to being your authentic self
  • You find it important what others think of you. Because of this, you let go of chances, both in business and in your private life
  • You quickly feel knocked out after a setback
  • You’ve lost the connection with yourself, your goals and your future-oriented vision
  • You feel like you don’t have enough time to do the things that make you happy

Do you want more of a connection with yourself and your inner spark? To learn how to communicate more effectively? To discover and break through your personal barriers, preferably in open nature? In that case, the Leadership Journey is for you.


What you will achieve thanks to Leadership Journey

It’s one of the most precious and unforgettable gifts for yourself and your environment: learning to slow down and reflect. Finding challenges and getting the inspiration to improve your personal leadership. You deserve it, step out of the comfort zone of your familiar environment.

The results of the Leadership Journey

  • You feel more connection with your deepest self
  • You recognise and acknowledge the barriers and patterns that restrict you and have learnt how to break through them
  • You can solve problems easier
  • You understand where your strengths lie and will put these to use to achieve your goals
  • You can envision your personal mission and future-oriented vision better, both in business and your private life

“Slowing down, profound reflections, new inspirations.
You deserve it.

What our customers say

“This leadership Journey has exceeded my expectations. This experience is very worthwhile fort he rest of my life. I got time to look back, be in the here and no wand, most importantly think about how a happy future looks like. I wish others a journey as well!

Manager by JDE

“This leadership Journey gets you to step back from regular activities. With a small group of participants and two coaches we built an open atmosphere where people felt trust and could share.  The days’ structure and variation is nice and you finish the journey with clear insights translated to concrete promises to yourself.  

Jan Albert van Laar – Manager by Scildon

This is how the Leadership Journey works

During this Leadership Journey, we will enjoy a beautiful location surrounded by space, nature and excellent care.

The unique part of the Leadership Journey is that we combine freedom and space with our expertise in the field of (personal) leadership. Using personal preparation, a challenging programme and professional guidance during your trip, and by defining the actions for your return, you will reconnect your head and heart again.

The Leadership Journey by Authentic Leadership consists of the following building blocks:

  • Personal conversations. What has made you into the person you are now? Which lessons will and won’t you take with you?
  • Connection of your personal mission and vigour. When you live who you really want to be, what role do you want to have in your business and personal life?
  • Besides personal meetings, we also use other methods like nature, music, physical challenges and meditation. By doing this, you will understand and feel which personal barriers are in your way
  • Insight into the Ego patterns which strengthen and restrict you in contact with yourself and others
  • Slowing down. We take the time for your individual reflection and coaching
  • Vision for the future, for both your personal life and for your organisation

Are you ready for a programme where you can realise massive growth in your personal development in the beautiful?


The people behind the Leadership Journeys

The Authentic Leadership method is characterised by a no-nonsense approach.

The mission of your coaches, Dana Wildeman and Evert Schaftenaar? Getting people to discover the way to themselves. Making them more fulfilled and successful by making them feel they are in control of their own lives. And by doing this, unleashing their vigour, hidden potential and talents.

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    Enter your details below if you want to contact us about Leadership Trail. If you prefer to speak to us directly about this, please call 035 621 9799.

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