Peer coaching / Intervision


Peer coaching / Intervision

You’re part of a group of professionals searching for an effective and durable method for peer coaching of intervision. You want short, impactful sessions with a positive approach. And you would like to be guided through the first sessions and continue yourselves in the future. With the Authentic Leadership method for peer coaching, you can upgrade the meetings – and with that, the results of the peer coaching of your group of leading professionals.

Our intervision method is especially well-suited for your group if you experience the following:

  • You want to gain more insight into yourself and the playing field you work in
  • You are prepared to take the necessary steps on a theme you have run into for a while
  • There’s too much depth: people continuously bring up too many irrelevant things (from the past)
  • There’s not enough depth: the conversation quickly turns into giving advice
  • The current peer coaching sessions lack positivity
  • The solutions from the sessions are not specific or realistic enough



The strength of the intervision method by Authentic Leadership lies in the fact that you use the brainpower of the whole group to take a step further into solving a theme you’re encountering. By doing this, you increase the confidence and problem-solving skills of yourself and the group.

Which possibilities would unfold themselves when your intervision group:

  • Would support and motivate each other to really solve each other’s themes?
  • Would approach each other in a positive and profound manner?
  • Gets to the core quickly and effectively without having to dig deep?

The results of the Authentic Leadership intervision method? Profound intervision. Effective intervision. Constructive intervision. Continuously learning together. Causing better results for you and your group and, with that, your environment.

Yes, I want this too!

“More confidence, more insight,
more effective results.
Also, in your intervision group.”

What you will achieve because of the Authentic Leadership intervision method

Not only your intervision group but you too will achieve new heights with the Authentic Leadership intervision method. Our method is especially well-suited as a form of teambuilding: you really help each other and grow together. But you, as a professional, also perform on a higher level.

The result of the Authentic Leadership intervision method for your group

  • You can see the impact of the intervision on each individual
  • You invest more effectively in yourself and each other
  • Each member’s problem-solving skills and self-confidence has grown
  • Mutual trust, problem-solving skills and self-confidence of the intervision group have improved
  • You are able to work with the intervision method of Authentic Leadership and can continue doing this as a group on your own.


The result of the Authentic Leadership intervision method for you as a professional

  • Personal (leadership) development
  • You gain insight into how to solve a problem at the right level of abstraction
  • Your insight into yourself and the playing field you work in has increased
  • Your problem-solving skills, personal effectiveness, and impact have increased
  • You make realistic steps in solving an issue that you’ve been struggling with for a while

This is how the Authentic Leadership Intervision method works

By using our intervision method, you increase the potential of your intervision group. We are not going to dig into what is going wrong: the intervision method aims to understand behaviour and discover what potential hasn’t been utilised until now. With the necessary amount of humour, we will achieve profound conversations in a positive way.

Armed with years of experience, the proven intervision method, and the philosophy by Bas Blekkingh, the advisers of Authentic Leadership will work with your group during an intervision session. We will guide the group to get the hightest potential out of each individual person.

Together with your personal adviser from Authentic Leadership, you and your group will learn and experience the steps of Authentic Leadership intervision. You begin by understanding the philosophy, making it easier for you to get to the bottom of problems.



The three steps of the Authentic Leadership Intervision method

We will hold an intake conversation with each group member. We will take note of each person’s individual needs so these can be discussed effectively later in the intervision sessions. We will also discuss the Ego Scan that each individual has filled in prior to the intake.

To achieve depth during the intervision, the participants will gain an insight into the principles of the 7-layer model during an interactive workshop. This creates a common framework and a safe space with positive intention and forms the foundation of the intervision method.

We will facilitate several sessions depending on the number of participants, budget and your wishes. We’ll explore an issue by asking three-dimensional, open-ended questions. The group will go through a gossiping round, after which the actual issue is formulated. In 90% of the cases the actual issue is different.

As a group, you will help each other gain insights into the different rewards of your behaviour. You will then formulate possible solutions together. After the intervision sessions, everybody has had the opportunity to put their problem on the table, and you will master the method.

Are you ready for a positive, effective and profound
intervision method for your intervision group?
Then, please get in contact with us!


We also offer intervision by open registration. The number of participants per intervision group will be 5. The groups get composed based on the seniority and experience of the participants. Please get in contact with us to participate! Once there are enough people interested, we will form a group.

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The people behind Authentic Leadership

The Authentic Leadership method is characterised by a no-nonsense approach.

Our mission? Making you even more high performing and fulfilled. By taking control of your life.

The methodology behind this training is applicable at home and in the workplace. We believe in the snowball effect on the people in your environment. We have seen this happening for years and it makes us very happy too.



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