Authentic Leadership – the book

Authentic Leadership book: You’re a successful leader. You have a lot of responsibility, and you’ve been doing your job with much pleasure for many years. But you feel you can still get more out of your work. Something is holding you back, but you can’t pinpoint what it is. You want more fulfilment and effectiveness in your life and career, but you’re stuck in a pattern. Do you recognise this?

In that case, the book ‘Authentic Leadership’ is the great for you. Step by step, you’ll discover your answers to essential questions, like:

  • What do I want to achieve in my life?
  • What are my norms and values?
  • What do I stand for?
  • What is my mission, and how will I make it come true?

In finding this out, you’ll learn how to inspire others by using your authenticity and feel more fulfilled doing that. The exercises and cases included will help you.

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More fulfilment, higher performance,
more self-confidence. Also for you.

You will want to read the book Authentic Leadership if you:

  • As a manager, coach, adviser or teacher want to create an environment where success and happiness influence each other positively.
  • Want to be inspired, but also want to have a mirror held up to you by this book
  • Want to find answers to essential (life) questions step by step
  • Are really wanting to define and live your mission
  • Want to inspire others as an authentic leader
  • Aim to become more fulfilled and successful
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The results of the book Authentic Leadership

See the book Authentic Leadership as a self-coaching concept, which can provide deeper insights. The basis of this publication is the practical tested seven-layered model. Each layer digs deeper into what drives you until at the heart of the model you come face to face with your authentic self. The results? More (work) fulfilment, more success, more self-confidence.

Are you ready to have more insights into yourself and your patterns, becoming more fulfilled and effective in your life?

The person behind the book Authentic Leadership

The book Authentic Leadership was written by Bas Blekkingh. Bas has worked with hundreds of leaders after he finished working in the Royal Dutch Army. He has researched what impact a leader has on the environment and what works and does not work to make such an impact. While teaching at Nyenrode University, he had the chance to develop his philosophy further. Bas wrote the it so he could spread this successful philosophy to the world. Authentic Leadership has been a best-selling book in the Netherlands for many years. In 2015 an English version of the book appeared because the company Authentiek Leiderschap became more active abroad.