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On this page you will find a number of free tools that can help you develop further in your authentic leadership.

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Your deepest motive is that you want to create something you are proud of. Creating this is your mission. It is not something you have to do, but something you like and want to do. Leaders are very effective and happy when they can spend most of their time doing this. Every person has a mission, perhaps several. Often we are not aware of it, or have become a bit disconnected from it.

Authentic leadership supports you in (re)discovering your mission, so you can start living by it. With the help of our mission statement form you can take a first step in the direction of your personal mission.

Download the mission statement form.

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After five years of research Authentic Leadership has developed a test that pinpoints the positioning drives of individuals and teams. It shows which Egos strengthen you and which lead to a so-called negative self-fulfilling prophecy. This test is called the Ego Scan. Basically, the outcome shows you how you prefer to position yourself within different environments, both in your strengths and weaknesses. The outcomes of the scan provide a deeper and better direction of your own authenticity. The insights are directly applicable in practice. Would you like to get an impression of your successful egos?

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Meer motivatie, succesvolle verandering,
betere resultaten. Ook in jouw organisatie.

Most relevant influencing skills

Most leadership issues are not about skills. You may have figured that out a long time ago. Still, it is useful to have the right skills if you want to increase your impact from the right authentic intention. In the book Authentic leadership, discover and live your mission, chapter 3 therefore discusses a number of relevant skills that can help you do this:

  • The management cycle, which describes how there is a cycle between intention ⇒ objective ⇒ ownership ⇒ managing ⇒ feedforward on ownership ⇒ intention ⇒ etc. And how to manage on that.
  • Shape (Sharing Perceptions) technique, describing how to communicate from different perceptions. A useful basic skill for any influencer who occasionally faces resistance.
  • Feedforward, which gives feedback a forward-looking intention and leads to less resistance.
  • Complimenting, which discusses how to increase the impact of your compliment.

In addition to these, a number of other skills are important for making the right impact. These are not described in the book, but you can download here:

  • Coaching, a basic roadmap for a good a coaching conversation.
  • Apologising, a hugely relevant skill that is usually underestimated.
  • Communicating decisions, a classic that many leaders can still grow in.
  • Negotiation, where both in execution and preparation an important distinction is made between content and relationship, as well as interest and point of view. With this you will achieve better supported negotiation results.

Hopefully, by using these skills, you can increase your Authentic impact.

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